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Minister's C.V


The Resume of his Excellency the minister

Full name: Sargon Lazar Slewa

Date and place of birth: Kirkuk 1973

Education: Bachelor degree in civil engineering – University of Mosul.

Address: Kirkuk – Raheem Owa region

Marital status:  Married and has four children

Political and social activity:

-       Joined  the Assyrian Democratic Movement ranks since March 1991

-       Enrolled with the opposition in Erbil and is a leading cadre in the Assyrian democratic movement in 1997.

-       1992-2000 Leader in the student work field through the Chaldo-Assyrian student union and youth and activist in the civil society organizations.

-       Founding member for Babylon charity association.

-       Elected representative for Kirkuk region and a member of the Supreme Commission for the preparation of the National Conference, which emerged from the Iraqi National temporary Assembly 2004

-       2005 AL-Rafidain list candidate for Kirkuk region council.

-       2006 AL-Rafidain list candidate for the Iraqi parliament of Kirkuk region.

-       A participant memn=ber I the national peacemaking activities of Kirkuk region from 2003-2008

Experience and occupations:

-1998-1999 An Engineer at the Ministry of Public Works for the Kurdistan region of Iraq

- 2000-2003 an Engineer at electricity general directorate – ministry of industry and energy in Kurdistan region – Iraq.

- 2001-2003 manger of Ashur TV- Erbil

- April 2003 a member at the first council of Kirkuk region.

- May 2003- February 2005 an elected member for Kirkuk region council from Conference of the dignitaries and personalities of Kirkuk.

- June 2003 –April 2005 Kirkuk deputy Governor and elected for structural and governmental planning issues.

- July 2008-august2010 general director of Ashur satellite.


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